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Back in 1995, the company anticipating a specific trend in the market started importing very conservatively at first, the ready-to-drink “Mr Brown” Coffee in tins of 240ml in 8 different flavours. Consumers were given the opportunity to choose their preferred flavour and drink the coffee anytime and anywhere.  This concept rapidly grew in popularity across a wide cross section of ...


The Company possesses extensive knowledge of the juice technology and manufacture. Over the years it has been advising juice bottlers on product development as part of the free consultancy service given to our clients.


L. Zotiades Trading & Consulting Ltd now proudly offers to the market the KAVALAN spirits of Whisky & Gin. KAVALAN whisky is well known having special smoothness and taste due to the world class purity of water from the local mountain range and the subtropical climate in which it matures.


Zotiades Energy is the new up and coming energy power in Cyprus. In response to the growing global concern over environmental pollution, Zotiades Energy is committed to introducing cleaner forms of….

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Mr. Brown Fan Fantastico KAVALAN Sanyo Wagner & Co Eneloop

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